Dotwork Mandala Underboob Tattoo by Artist Chris Adams

Not quite a full sternum piece, but still just as badass! This Dotwork Mandala turned out absolutely awesome! Artist Chris Adams once again hits it out of the park with another one of his super impressive dotwork pieces. It’s no wonder why Piercer Joel calls him Christopher Mandala Adams (HA!) For more beautiful pieces likeContinue reading “Dotwork Mandala Underboob Tattoo by Artist Chris Adams”

Sternums for Days!

Fine -Line Black and Grey Sternum by Artist Chris Sternums are IN right now! Artist Chris has been banging out these beautiful Fine Line Ornamental pieces a lot recently. We’re loving all the sternum requests! Come see Chris about scheduling yours for the Summer! Sternum pieces and bathing suits go together like PB&J! 😉 For more badass pieces like these make sureContinue reading “Sternums for Days!”

Welcome Jen & Joel to the Lucky-Hand Family!!!

We are super stoked to announce that Jen & Joel (previously of Electric Voodoo) are our new piercers! They will be available for all your piercing needs Tuesday-Friday from 3pm-9pm and on Saturday from 1pm-9pm! Here’s a handy piercing price guideline! Remember all prices include Jewelry, piercing, after-care products, after-care clinic and cell phone numbersContinue reading “Welcome Jen & Joel to the Lucky-Hand Family!!!”