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Modern, State of the Art Tattoo and Piercing Studio in San Angelo, TX! We specialize in professional, sterile, clean tattoos & piercings that will last a lifetime.

Artist Chris- Instagram: @chrisadamstattoos

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Welcome to Lucky-Hand Tattoos

We boast 5 Artists and 2 Piercers with combined experience of over 20 years. Here at Lucky-Hand Tattoos we try to match you up with an Artist depending on your personal tattoo style.

We specialize in Ornamental, Japanese Traditional, Black-Work, Geometric styles and so much more. Piercer Jen has been piercing for over 27 years and can assist you with everything from piercings, jewelry change-outs, & ear stretching.

Awarded The Best of 2019 Tattoo Shop in San Angelo!
Our Piercer & Artists accept GooglePay, APPLEpay, Credit/Debit, & Cash!
Artist EddieB staying busy!

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We are proud to house 4 super versatile Artists who can tattoo in any style you can imagine


2 Resident Piercers- Piercer Jennifer Sims & Piercer Kayla Adams

Piercer Jen’s Private Booth
Piercer Kayla’s Private Booth


BODY PIERCINGS- We Pierce Ages 16+
We require a Valid, Government Issued Picture ID & Parent/Guardian present with their ID as well.

Children’s Standard Lobes: Tuesdays ONLY w/Piercer Kayla. Ages 6+ Birth Certificate REQUIRED & Parent/Legal Guardian Present w/ID for check-in process.

All of our Prices include the piercings, the Stainless Steel or Titanium jewelry, as well as aftercare solution. Prices are viewable via our Scheduling Site.


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